TAR Upgrade: NFPA/FEMA compliant certification

This course if for anyone who is at a minimum of the OPERATIONS level in Swiftwater and Technical Rope Rescue. The prerequisites are either the SRT Unit 1, WRT, or SRT Operations training, as well as an Operations level in Technical Rope Rescue.

This class will focus on animal behavior, rescuer safety, recognizing signs of stress, approach, capture and transport of animals in a disastrous environment. Rescuer safety will be the first priority while working with animals of all sizes. An introduction to restraining devices and basic rigging will be demonstrated.

The class will be a half day of classroom with a half day of scenarios in the afternoon. Live animals will be used.

This class meets the NFPA and FEMA requirements for Technical Animal Rescue for those already at the Technician Level in Swiftwater and Flood Rescue.

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