Wilderness First Responder Course in Flagstaff, AZ

Julie and Abi just returned back from Arizona. They had a bunch of great courses down in Flagstaff and on the Salt River.

They ran two Wilderness First Responder Recertification courses (WFR-recert) for both Canyon Explorations and Arizona Rafting Adventures (AZRA Discovery).

The Can-X class had it’s challenges with the weather as it snowed heavily for the first two days. AZRA lucked out the following weekend with sunny days. You’ve got to love the classic Flag spring weather. Below are some images from the classes.

Check out the use of cam straps to really get a patients hips down. It works great but does take a bit of practice!!

Thanks to everyone for welcoming us into your warehouses, your homes and of course your minds. We love being down in Flag, it is a home away from home.

Thanks to both Cam, Laurie and Garrett Staveley and Justin Saloman over at Can-X and Alex and Fred Thevinin and Dennis Smoldt over at AZRA for continuing to support us and use Sierra Rescue/Rescue 3 West as their go-to Wilderness Medical provider.

Huge hugs to you all and see you next year!!