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CLASSES ARE HAPPENING NOW!! We are running 100% outside courses, with no classroom or indoor sessions. Our courses are being modified to keep in mind social distancing and WHO/CDC guidelines……

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To Flip, or not to Flip; A Note:

One of the most challenging situations that a group of whitewater rafters face is an upside down raft, with clients, or friends, now in the river.  No matter where the…..

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Backcountry Impalements

Whether from Sticks or stakes, branches or rebar, impalements can be a backcountry problem to contend with. In the field of wilderness medicine, there are specific protocols pertaining to impalements and how to…..

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Wilderness Medicine Skills: Splinting

  One of the key characteristics that defines a “wilderness” location, apart from the 1 hour away from definitive medial care, centers on the lack of available resources and the necessity…..

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swiftwater rescue

Swiftwater Rescue in Redwood National Park

As instructors of swiftwater rescue, we have the opportunity to train in some amazing environments with some very talented groups of people. From military special forces to recreational boaters, swiftwater rescue…..

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Winter Instructor Training?

One of the greatest things about being a co-owner of Sierra Rescue, are the incredible folks that we get to work with.  Although Abigail and I are the only employees…..

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