Sierra Rescue is the California & West Coast Regional Training Center for Rescue 3 International.

Sierra Rescue Specializes in River Rescue, Swiftwater and Flood Rescue, Wilderness First Aid and First Responder Courses, Low Angle and High Angle Rope Rescue, Surface Water Rescue Swimmer and basic First Aid and CPR. We are know for our fun, dyanmic trainings that are hands on with very little sitting/classroom time. At least half our courses are custom courses for groups/organizations that want a training tailored to their needs, upcoming projects or specialized locations. Sierra Rescue is committed to providing a quality rescue class based on integrating information into practical skills while developing the ability to think through complicated wilderness and rescue problems. We integrate knowledge into practical field exercises that work on developing judgement as well as providing hands on training. We contract with the best Instructors in the industry to bring you the highest quality trainings.

Sierra Rescue has trained Government Agencies, Fire Departments, Universities & more ...


  • California Dept of Fish and Wildlife
  • US Forest Service
  • US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers
  • Humboldt, Los Angeles and San Francisco
  • US Air Force Pararescue 58th Squadron
  • Las Vegas and 306th Pararescue Squadron
  • NCOIC Medical/Water Operations
  • Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ
  • Ventura County SAR
  • US Border Patrol BORSTAR
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • CA Dept of Water Resources
  • Hetch Hetchy Water and Power
  • Pacific Gas and Electric
  • USGS
  • NASA

University & Colleges:

  • Stanford University
  • University of Puget Sound
  • UC Davis
  • Sacramento State
  • Weber State University
  • University of Louisianna
  • Feather River College
  • Palomar College

Fire Departments:

  • Palo Alto Fire
  • Ceres Fire
  • City of Oxnard Fire
  • Stanislaus Fire District
  • Fairbanks Fire
  • Norco Fire
  • LA Fire and Life Guards
  • Long Beach Fire and Life Guards
  • Sierra Vista Fire Department & RATS
  • Squaw Valley Fire
  • East Contra Costa Fire
  • Chula Vista Fire

Other Agencies:

  • Stillwater Sciences Consulting
  • Power Engineering Contractors
  • Korea Rescue Services
  • Heavenly Valley Ski Patrol
  • Squaw Valley Ski Patrol
  • Hualapai River Runners
  • Cardno ENTRIX
  • BLM - Medford, OR
  • Americorps Watershed Stewards
  • Lassen National Park
  • Arizona Raft Adventures (AzRA)
There's Lots More! Click here for a complete list of our past clients