Wilderness Medical Courses

We all need to know what to do when something goes wrong; whether it is in a remote river canyon, Forest Service Road or far in the back country. Our wilderness medical classes including Wilderness First Responder (WFR), Wilderness First Aid (WFA), and Wilderness First Aid and CPR are focused on giving you hands on skills and knowledge so that you can make educated decisions and know what to do when confronted with a wilderness setting emergency. Come learn in a realistic environment that is supportive, educational and fun!

Wilderness First Responder and River Rescue Certification

Click here for course dates & locations. This is the best course around for any type of water person. The WFR will be combined with the River Rescue Certification course. Scenarios will be primarily kayak, raft and cataraft based; with all other outdoor activities included in the Scenarios. Limited to the first 18 folks signed up.

Wilderness First Responder

Click here for course dates & locations. The Wilderness First Responder Course is the most intensive course we teach. It has become the industry standard for most guide services and environmental education programs. Our course includes lots of anatomy and physiology. If one understands how the body works they can better understand what it needs during traumatic, environmental and medical emergencies. We split our classroom time with tons of scenarios, labs and a night rescue simulation. We can schedule this course for on-location training at Universities, Community Centers, or Outdoor Programs.This course includes CPR certification.

Wilderness First Responder: Recertification

Click here for course dates & locations. Sierra Rescue offers 3 day Wilderness First Responder Recertification Courses. We accept WMI, WMA, WMTC, SOLO, and DMM cards. Any WFR cards issued from another company need to be cleared by Sierra Rescue prior to registration. We believe that three days is an ideal length of time to practice your skills and refresh your abilities. The main elements of the course are skills labs and scenarios with little lecture time. We offer CPR certification with this course.

Wilderness and Urban Disaster First Responder

Click here for course dates & locations. This course encompasses all that the Wilderness First Responder Course does, but with the additional focus on Urban Disasters. We will look at incidents such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other such disasters that communities are faced with. There are scenarios dealing with Mass Casualty Incidents, triage, motor vehicle accidents and extraction. This is a 9-10 day course, including a night search and scenario. This course is certified through Rescue 3 International and Sierra Rescue.

Wilderness First Aid and CPR: 2 Day (16 Hour) Course

Click here for course dates & locations.  This 2 day workshop is an extension of the standard 8 hour Wilderness First Aid course. The focus being on good basic life support techniques as well as environmental issues that arise in the wilderness. The class is mostly hands on skills with the use of scenarios and labs.

Students completing the course will receive a 16hr Wilderness First Aid Card (good for two years) and an OSHA Approved CPR Card (good for two years).  This meets or exceeds the minimum requirement for most CPR/ First Aid training needs.

First Aid with Wilderness Focus and CPR: 1 Day (8 Hour) 

Click here for course dates & locations. This is our most popular course!! It is an 8hr First Aid and CPR course with a wilderness focus. Students receive a Wilderness First Aid Card (good for two years) and an OSHA Approved First Aid and Adult, Child, and Infant CPR Card (good for two years). This meets or exceeds the minimum requirement for most CPR/ First Aid training eeds. Sierra Rescue presents skills and techniques according to practice guidelines established by the Wilderness Medical Society. It is an action packed, scenario based course. We use scenarios that specific groups may encounter and tailor the course to each groups needs. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us info@sierrarescue.com.

CPR: Adult, Child and Infant – OSHA approved (3 hours)

Click here for course dates & locations. One of the most important goals of this course is to have each participant come away from this training with the confidence and competence to actually perform these skills in an emergency situation. Hands-on practice is one of the most important elements in retention and self-confidence. Each class participant will be given the opportunity to practice the CPR and Airway Obstruction skills they learned about during the class. Each participant will be given their own barrier mask and gloves to protect them from infectious disease. Each person will need to practice the CPR skills demonstrated to receive a certification card. If for any reason they are unable to perform the steps, they may verbally go through the practice steps. 2 year Certification

Wilderness Medical Instructor Course

Click Here for course dates and locations. For those outdoor professionals wanting to teach the Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Advanced First Aid and Wilderness First Responder Courses.  Please contact Sierra Rescue directly for course requirements and pre-reqs needed to register for this course.