Wilderness First Aid and CPR: 8 hour

Course: Wilderness First Aid and CPR: 8 hour

Prerequisite(s): None.

Who Course is For: Outdoor guides, Boy Scouts/leaders, backpackers, hikers, river guides, and folks who spend their time working and playing outside!

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This is our most popular course!! It is an 8hr First Aid and CPR course with a wilderness focus. If you have taken a First Aid Course before or if this will be your first experience, this course is ideally suited for students of all kinds and abilities. We use scenarios that specific groups may encounter and tailor the course to each group’s needs. You are guaranteed to learn a lot and have a great time! We emphasize hands-on scenarios and practice, so come ready for a great day full of activity and learning outside!

Sierra Rescue presents skills and techniques according to practice guidelines established by the Wilderness Medical Society as outlined in the Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines. All our Wilderness Medicine and First Aid and CPR courses follow American Heart Association, OSHA and the Wilderness Medicine Society standards for CPR, AED and First Aid training.

Students completing the course will receive an 8hr Wilderness First Aid Workshop (WFAW) Card (good for two years) and an OSHA Approved CPR Card (good for two years). This meets or exceeds the minimum requirement for most CPR/ First Aid training needs.