River Rescue Certification

River Rescue Certification

Course: River Rescue Certification

Prerequisite(s): • Be involved in the process of learning to kayak, raft, river board or canoe. • Have an understanding of basic hydrology and be familiar with identifying basic features such as an eddy, eddy line, standing wave, hydraulic, hole, etc. • Have the ability to navigate a craft in a minimum of class II water and therefore understand navigational techniques such as ferrying and catching eddies. • Have some familiarity with basic rescue equipment such as throw bags and carabiners.

Who Course is For: Private boaters, kayakers and non-profit organizations!

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A DYNAMIC water rescue course specifically written and designed for private boaters, kayakers, professional river guides new to rescue, and non-profit organizations.  Emphasis is on identifying hazards, thinking through rescues and on RESCUE itself; both of self and others. This is the class you want as a boater to stay safe and know what to do if something goes wrong. This is an American Canoe Association ACA Level 4 Swiftwater Rescue course.  Although this course meets agency Swiftwater Rescue certification requirements for river guides and kayakers; its pace allows for thorough integration of knowledge and practice of the skills that matter.  The two day format makes the course more affordable and accessible.  This course should be a prerequisite to anyone boating on any river anywhere!  The course addresses the river rescue needs of rafters, cat boaters, kayakers, pack rafters, canoeists, riverboarders and SUP paddlers.


Students should expect and prepare for the elements with proper thermal protection for being in the water, adequate dry, warm clothing; and food and beverages emphasizing sugars and carbohydrates. This is a dynamic and engaging curriculum and will require a full two-day commitment with homework at night.

Observation or participation in all of the activities and a co-signed skills check-off sheet are required to receive the certificate of completion. If a student feels uncomfortable about participating in any activity and simply wishes to observe, the Instructor should be advised. Knowing your own limits is essential to be a safe boater and rescuer; and is highly respected by our Instructors.

This class meets all requirements for the ACA Level 4 Swiftwater Rescue Certification.

**If you’re a river guide or kayaker and received your RRC certification, you can upgrade to the Professional River Rescue Certification.