We are running 100% outside courses, with no classroom or indoor sessions. Our courses are being modified to keep in mind social distancing and WHO/CDC guidelines.


First of all, we thank you for being part of the Sierra Rescue family! As you know, we are all passionate about what we do, and you are a huge part of it! Your safety, and the safety of our Instructors is our highest priority. We are doing the best we can to be exceptionally flexible so that as you navigate your daily decisions about work and family, we can support those decisions.

Here is the letter we are asking students to sign prior to training.

Hello Sierra Rescue Student!

First of all, thank you for your support and flexibility during this challenging time.  This is a time when we all need to be resilient and open to change.  While we will do our best to provide your scheduled training, it may be cancelled at any time due to changing County, State, Federal, or CDC guidelines, or other COVID-19 related reasons.  

The following policy for responsible practices includes a great deal of personal responsibility on your part; it is dependent on you being healthy, safe, and not a vector for COVID-19.

Here is what we ask:


That you have been maintaining social distancing, wearing proper personal protection including masks and washing your hands frequently.

That you are not prematurely leaving a quarantine to attend the course, and you have no known or obvious exposure to someone with COVID-19.

That you are healthy, do not have any flu-like symptoms, a fever of over 100, or any signs of decreasing O2 saturation levels.  If you are at all sick, please DO NOT attend the course.   If you attend sick, you will be asked to leave.


Maintain social distancing protocols.  We will have a low instructor to student ratio to facilitate social distancing.  The entire course will be taught outside.

Wear appropriate PPE for the course;  including gloves, face mask and glasses when appropriate.  You will need to bring your own filtered face mask.  

Hand sanitize and wash your hands frequently.  We will provide hand wash stations and hand sanitizer.  You should bring your own small bottle of hand sanitizer to keep with you at all times. 

If you must sneeze, do it into a tissue if at all possible and dispose of the tissue.  Your most important goal will be to not distribute any respiratory droplets to others. 

Self-monitor during the course.  

Please take personal responsibility for helping to keep gear disinfected, and be sure to take care of your own clothes, river equipment, camping gear, group gear, etc.  It will help insure all gear is kept disinfected if everyone cleans before and after use. 

About Our Course Locations:

All of our courses are taught 100% OUTSIDE.  Please come prepared for the weather, and bring appropriate food and water for the day. 

During your “off hours” on multi-day courses:

We will be relying on you to maintain safe practices before and after your course days, to follow all recommended practices for social distancing, PPE, and to conduct proper disinfecting on your “off time”. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you so much for training with us!  We look forward to seeing you soon!

All the best,

Julie and Abi

I acknowledge that I have read the above document and understand my responsibilities.


Your Name


Your Signature and Date 

Total honesty will drive the greater good for other students and instructors. Please be honest to keep everyone safe.

We do appreciate your desire to train with us, but we still need to follow our published refund policy for anyone needing/wanting to reschedule. This is to preserve our ability to support our instructors during this challenging time.


Thank you for reading through this COVID-19 information. We will continually be updating this page as we gain more insight,. All of us here at Sierra Rescue wish you, and your loved ones, all the best possible at this time. We hope we all emerge out the other end more bonded together as a community of people willing to support each other and keep each other safe during an unprecedented time.

With gratitude!

Julie and Abi