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strainer face

Swiftwater Hazards: Strainer Face

Strainer Face: Up Close and Personal This past spring our strainer swim self-rescue drill (aptly named ‘Strainer Face’)  became a prominent feature in our social media and photo posting. For…..

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Perfect Practice

As a child, I found myself surrounded by incredible whitewater paddlers and slalom athletes.  Richard Fox, 5 Time Slalom Kayak Champion, once told me that most people had it all…..

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River Rescue: Access

If we were to look at the total time spent in a river rescue, then divide the amount of time spent of each part of the rescue: Locate, Access, Stabilize,…..

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Mechanical Advantage Challenge

Time to put on those thinking caps. I’ve drawn up a few sketches of mechanical advantage systems to test your brains today. Perhaps you’ve been following our #weeklyMA on facebook…..

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