Hawaii Swiftwater Rescue Course

Don Lester, an Instructor Trainer for Sierra Rescue and Rescue 3 International, is currently teaching an SRT Unit 1, and SRTA and a Water Instructor Course.

Swiftwater Training and Swiftwater Instructing in HI

Swiftwater Rescue and Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Course, Hilo, HI

Although we are experiencing low water flows in California, Hilo, Hawaii is expecting a Category 2 storm tomorrow.  Upon checking in with Instructor Trainer , Don Lester yesterday, I could hear the rain pouring down on the other side of the line.  This is an amazing opportunity for Hilo and Kona Firefighters to train in realistic conditions.  Don is introducing them to Kokatat PFD’s, as well. Hopefully, any rescues they may need to do during the course are easy access rescues necessary because the helicopters can not fly.  Folks have been warned as a precaution, and all seem to be taking the warnings to heart, and staying away from the flooded and swollen streams.

Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced

Swiftwater and Technical Rope Rescue combined training