WAFA with HRR: Springtime in the Grand Canyon –

WAFA- Wilderness Advanced First Aid  with the  HRR – Hualapai River Runners in Peach Springs, AZ

Abi and I drove the Sierra Rescue rig down through Nevada across the Colorado River at Hoover Dam and into Peach Springs, AZ for two weeks of wilderness advanced first aid (WAFA) and swiftwater rescue training with the Hualapai River Runners. We’ve been running trainings for the Hualapai for quite some time now, and its always good to get back to the big ditch.

HRR WAFA  group shot

The group showing off their hypo wraps

WAFA: The group inside the warehouse, after arts and crafts with splints

The group inside the warehouse, after arts and crafts with splints

Wilderness first aid hypothermia wrap

All bundled up and warm in the hypo-wrap

WAFA skill: reducing a shoulder

That’s one way i wouldn’t advise reducing a shoulder

It was a great four days of WAFA (Wilderness Advanced First Aid Training). On the fourth day we finished the class with a big mass causality  incident involving a simulated train vs buss collision. Trauma! Moulage! Fun! Students had to triage and figure out some difficult extractions from the broken down bus where we staged the scenario. Weather was great, a gave us the first taste of spring.  Julie and Zach swapped places and Julie will join Abi along with a few flagstaff locals for the swiftwater rescue portion of the course which will involve 2 days of on-site  training and a downriver overnight from Diamond Creek to Pierce Ferry.  Load up those big blue pontoons and have a some fun!