River and Stream Safety Courses (RSS and RSC)

Stream Rescue and River Rescue Workshop

Course: River and Stream Safety Courses (RSS and RSC)

Prerequisite(s): None.

Who Course is For: Environmental Consultants, Fish and Game personnel, Biologists, Department of Water Resources personnel, occupational workers in a water environment, and other State and Federal employees who work on or around flowing water.

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Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder

This can be anywhere from a 1-3 day river and stream safety course. It can either be a 1 day workshop (RSS) or up to a 3 day certification course (RSC) with practice on anything from wader swimming to working safer near water. The main focus being the prevention of accidents. You will develop awareness of hazards for easier prevention of accidents, better prepare crews for safe water and hydrology sampling and other types of work or surveys in the riparian environment, familiarize crews with hazards such as: strainers, undercut rocks, hydraulics, hypothermia and high water, learn self-rescue techniques, safe wading practices, and use of throw bags. Activities will be oriented towards developing good judgment and criteria for safety, as well as developing skills in moving water. It is great to do this with a joint wilderness first aid workshop.

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