Ice Rescue Technician

Course: Ice Rescue Technician

Prerequisite(s): None.

Who Course is For: Lifeguards, firefighters, EMTs, park rangers, biologists, DFG and FS employees, professional rescuers and recreational water enthusiasts who work/play on frozen lakes and rivers.

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Because there is no such thing as “safe ice”, Rescue 3’s Ice Rescue Technician course teaches you how to operate as safely as possible in this high-risk environment. This Ice Rescue course is especially valuable for those who work on frozen lakes and rivers, or for emergency service personnel who may be called on to respond to an incident where someone has fallen through the ice.

During the Ice Rescue course, students will learn the unique properties and problems associated with working around and on ice, as well as self rescue techniques, rescuer safety, preplanning for and size-up of ice rescue incidents, and victim rescue. Students are taught how to determine ice strength, as well as the most common dangers associated with ice. Students learn to recognize and deal with cold stress and hypothermia, as well as participating in self-rescue drills and practicing rescuing others using various techniques.


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